Photograph by Don Navarro:
Nancy Goes: Mixed Media and Conte

Nancy Goes has been a fiber artist for over 40 years. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in art with emphasis on drawing and painting.

She is primarily self-taught in embroidery, weaving, basketry and beadwork and has added papermaking, computer graphics, digital photography, collage, printmaking, artists' books and jewelry to her repertoire over the years.

She has shown her work extensively in galleries in Colorado and across the US including the University of Dayton,* the Denver art Museum, art centers in Loveland, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and museum shops of the Smithsonian and the LA Craft and Folk Museum. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Fiber Arts Design Book 3, New York and Denver magazines, Women's Day, American Craft, FiberArts, Beadwork and Belle Armoire and the cover of The Christian Century Magazine.

She is currently working in jewelry, photography and bead embroidery.

"Virgin and Child: Christian Century Cover Art"
"Meditations" "Virgin and Child in Black and White"

Paulette Triplett: Still Life and Portraits
"Child 1"
"Child 2"
"Child 3"

Richard Terrell: is Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities at Doane College, Crete, NB. He is a painter, author, and theatre performer, and facilitates our group discussions on issues pertaining to arts, faith, and community.
"In Dartmoor" "Yorkshire in Fog"
Previous works:
"Field in Mist" "Field in Morning Mist"
"Field in Summer"

Anne Emmons: is a visual artist in the Denver area. She has been an art instructor at Red Rocks Community College, Colorado Christian University, as well as several private arts programs for children and adults. Anne is co-director of Ad lib Christian Arts Retreat, which meets annually in the mountains of Colorado, a member CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts), and past board member of Christian Fine Arts Assn. in Denver.
"Dry Bones II" "Offering"

Judith Deem Dupree: Photography
"Cloud Mass, Sunset" "Borrego Desert, Barrel Cactus"
"Clipper Ship, San Diego" "Tomorrow's Hoopster"

Frieda Barkman: Photography
"Boat at Twilight" "Palms and Storm"

Sue Gibbons: Encaustic, Mixed Media & Metal
"Sacrifice" "Weighted"

Wendy Toda
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