Richard Terrell

"Lord of the World"
Verses 1-3, ancient Hebrew prayer
verse 4 by Richard Terrell
Music by R. Terrell

1. Lord of the World, the king supreme, before all creation came to be.
       When by His will all things were wrought,
       the name of our King was first made known.
2. And when this age shall cease to be, He still shall reign in majesty!
       He was, He is and He will be, all Glorious eternally.
3. Incomparable! The Lord is one! No other can His nature share.
       Without beginning, without end! Unto Him all strength and majesty!
4. He who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna shepherd, king, prince of peace!
       Prince of love! Lamb of God, holy sacrifice! Maranatha, alleluia!
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