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Without Eyes
Joanne Irwin

I.       Darkness (so they say)
         but not emptiness.
         Never emptiness.

II.      Fluting notes bend through a symphony rich
         etching Beethoven's silhouette
         into the whiteness of my mind.
         The melody spirals
         a spectrum of waxed color
         unknown to any
                                but me
         Like the colors I've seen in the rumble of an approaching storm:
            I've heard lavender and silver dance together
                in the CraCK that shudders my windowpane.
            I've felt grey's sweetness in the soft dropping rain
                and copper colors in the strong fingers of the autumn wind.
         I've tasted emerald in the wet stillness bowing after each

III.     Most people think a blindman's world is dark.
               But if white is as you say it is:
               like a porcelain tea cup
               with rippled edges
               and a gently curving handle
               elegantly embracing the warmth
                              of peppermint tea,
               then white is the color that I see.

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