A Prayer for Truckers

by Richard Terrell, 2020

Our Father and Lord of Heaven and Earth,
Who looks upon all things great and small.
Consider the ones whose lives are on the road
Bringing good things of life to us from places near and far.
We have seen their rigs, often, as obstacles to our vision,
Something in our way, to be passed in annoyance.
Help us to look past the looming cartridge
To see the one inside, who guides its path.
One who also has spouse, son, daughter, father, mother,
Friends, hopes, plans, and fond memories.
One of us.
Who feels the weight of a tired body and mind,
And craves a fresh meal along the way.
In this time of gathering fear and other forms of distance
Pressing against the soundness of their labor
Give special strength and encourage their spirits
While driving through days and nights
Alone in a cabin on wheels.

     Richard Terrell, 2020